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American Medical Association (AMA)


AMA is committed to helping doctors help patients by creating a network for physicians to work together in resolving the most urgent professional and public health issues. Improving public health through positive lifestyle behaviors is a cornerstone of the AMA mission, and AMA chooses to lead by example. The AMA Healthier Life Steps, a component of one of the AMA's five strategic issues for 2011, was designed to assist doctors with implementing healthier lifestyle behaviors in their own lives as well as their patients' lives.

AMA Healthier Life Steps identifies health behaviors that are significantly related to heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other illnesses. By offering suggestions on decreasing and eliminating poor diet, physical inactivity, tobacco use, and excessive or risky use of alcohol, AMA Healthier Life Steps supports doctors in their efforts to live healthier lives and helps them serve as role models for their patients.

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