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The Vitality Group


The Vitality Group is an innovator in the field of wellness. Its Vitality program has an actuarially sound incentive structure that produces results, for employers and employees, and that specifically targets risk factors for chronic disease. With a foundation based on science and behavioral economic theory, Vitality encourages changes in lifestyle that reduce healthcare costs, both in the short and long term, by rewarding members for addressing their unique health issues. The Vitality Group has been a stand-alone wellness solution since 2008, and it has collaborated with forward-thinking organizations of all sizes and industries to accommodate the diverse needs and cultures of American businesses in their pursuit of increased workforce health and productivity.

To contribute to the Million Hearts® goal of preventing one million heart attacks and strokes by 2017, The Vitality Group will expand its portfolio of programs to include an interactive heart health campaign for employers to launch with their employees. The campaign will offer challenges, competitions, and incentives to inspire employees to follow the Million Hearts® ABCS and use other evidence-based strategies to improve their heart health.

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