Men's Health Month—Up Your Game by Improving Your Heart Health

During Men's Health Month in June, Million Hearts® is encouraging men to take action for a heart-healthy and stroke-free life. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men, while stroke is their 5th leading cause of death. Men can help prevent heart disease and stroke by making healthy choices to lower their risk. Start with these simple actions:

Learn how other men have taken action for a healthy heart in these videos:

José’s Million Hearts® Story

<a href="">José's Million Hearts® Story</a>

Aaron’s Million Hearts® Story

<a href="">Aaron’s Million Hearts® Story</a>

John’s Story: Heart Attack to Heart Health

<a href=" ?version=3&hl=en_US">José’s Million Hearts® Story</a>

Prince Quire’s Stroke Story

<a href=" ?version=3&hl=en_US">Prince Quire's Stroke Story</a>

Join the Conversation

This June, share the vital message of heart health with the men in your life—a father, son, brother, or friend. Join Million Hearts® in the #MenHaveHeart conversation on Facebook or Twitter by sharing your game plan and motivation to live heart-healthy:


Join Million Hearts® and Men’s Health Network to chat about how men can maintain a healthy heart, including tips for controlling blood pressure, eating healthy, and staying active.

  • Encourage men to up their game for #MensHealthMonth by improving their heart health. #MenHaveHeart

  • Feel young at heart? For #MensHealthMonth learn your heart’s age with this calculator #MenHaveHeart

  • Men, make the grille your domain this summer with these heart-healthy recipes: #MenHaveHeart

  • Make heart health your game plan for #MensHealthMonth. Get tips for starting & staying active:  #MenHaveHeart

  • Help the men in your community up their game & improve heart health w/ simple actions: #MenHaveHeart

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  • June is Men’s Health Month! Encourage the men in your life to up their game this summer, by improving their heart health. Learn how from @MillionHearts #MenHaveHeart

  • Make heart health your game plan for #MensHealthMonth. Find out how men of all ages can stay active this summer. #MenHaveHeart

  • 1 in 4 men in the U.S. die from heart disease each year. Take time this Men’s Health Month to talk to your doctor about ways to lower your risks. #MenHaveHeart

  • Do you feel young at heart? For Men’s Health Month predict just how old your heart is with this Heart Age Calculator. #MenHaveHeart

  • Men, make the grille your domain this summer with these heart-healthy recipes from @MillionHearts

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Up your game by improving your heart health.


Up your game by improving your heart health.

Resources for Better Heart Health

Find information and tools to help you improve or maintain your heart health:


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