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August 2021

Manage Cardiovascular Disease with Vaccinations

Adults with heart conditions are more likely to get sick from COVID-19 and also have a higher risk of severe illness from influenza. Build confidence and educate your patients about COVID-19 and flu vaccines to help protect their well-being and heart health.

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June 2021

Together We’ve Got This: SMBP Monitoring for Hypertension Diagnosis and Control

Explore evidence-based self-measured blood pressure (SMBP) monitoring resources to help empower patients to take control of their high blood pressure. Strong scientific evidence shows that SMBP monitoring, also known as home blood pressure monitoring, plus clinical support help people with hypertension lower their blood pressure.

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April 2021

Help Prevent Heart Attacks and Strokes by Becoming a Million Hearts® Partner

Become a Million Hearts® partner to help spread the word about Million Hearts® key strategies. Learn how to share information in the e-Update, register for the Self-Measured Blood Pressure (SMBP) Forum, join the Cardiac Rehabilitation Collaborative, and attend Million Hearts® partner calls.

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Winter 2021

Champion Blood Pressure Control

This February, Million Hearts® recognized 15 Hypertension Control Champions and announced HopeHealth and The Ohio State University and Wexner Medical Center as new Million Hearts® Health Systems. These and other partners are helping Million Hearts® make hypertension control a national priority.

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Special Edition: The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Control Hypertension

Together, we’ve got this!

Read the Call to Action to incorporate action steps and resources that can help improve hypertension control in your work and communities. The key to the Million Hearts® goal of preventing 1 million heart attacks and strokes is getting to an 80% hypertension control rate nationally.

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Fall 2020

Flu Vaccines are Essential for Heart Health

“Routine” care is anything but routine, which is why vaccination is paramount to protecting heart health with flu season around the corner. Encourage those in your life to get the flu vaccine, if possible, to stay heart healthy this season.

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Summer 2020

Prioritizing During a Pandemic: Cardiovascular Health

Apply now for the Million Hearts® Hospitals & Health Systems Recognition Program to help improve clinical quality and cardiovascular health. Strategies must include keeping patients and communities healthy, optimizing care, improving outcomes for priority populations, and innovating for health.

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Spring 2020

Focusing Our Hearts on YOU During Unprecedented Times

Protect your heart health during turbulent times brought on by COVID-19 by following the latest recommendations for social distancing, health care services, and hygiene. Remember to reach out to seek help when you require it and provide social support to those who may need it.

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Jan/Feb 2019

Saying YES to Protecting a Million Hearts

Answer the call of the Million Hearts® initiative by investing time, talent and resources in helping us reach our goal of improving cardiovascular health. Engage with our evidence-based practices, guidelines, and tools for effective implementation in your health care communities.

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Mar/April 2019

Zeroing in on Hypertension Control

Act now and embrace policies, guidelines, and procedures for effective hypertension control. Through many partnerships, Million Hearts® has been able to provide quality improvement support to physicians and pave the way for further evidence-based solutions.

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May/Jun 2019

Reflecting on a Personal Experience with Heart Disease

Read about a Million Hearts® team member’s experience with heart disease in her own family. The journey was long, but with support and determination, there was a happy ending. Reflect on how not everyone has an easy road to recovery and what we can do keep our families safe and healthy.

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Jul/Aug 2019

Continuing the Hard Work from the Halfway Point!

Learn about how the efforts of Million Hearts® have been made possible through the involvement of multiple sectors and how implementation has been fueled by best practices and proven strategies shared from the field. Together we can work toward increasing the hypertension control rate in the population to lessen the impact of heart disease.

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Fall/Winter 2019

Applauding Our Hypertension Control Champions

Celebrate the efforts made by our 2019 Hypertension Control Champions to control blood pressure for their patients. Their work is a steppingstone in helping Million Hearts® reach the goal of preventing 1 million events through a coordinated effort from both patients and health care providers.

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Jan/Feb 2018

Addressing Young Adults and Heart Health

Join the Million Hearts® efforts to focus action on reducing the occurrence of cardiovascular disease among young adults. The unique combination of stressors and demands on this age group makes them especially susceptible to neglecting heart health and makes it more challenging for them to adopt healthy habits. Review these success stories and strategies and act now to help people in your community live healthier lives.

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Mar/Apr 2018

Tackling the Public Health Burden of Heart Disease

Read about how heart disease has posed a daunting challenge to public health efforts across the United States and clarified the need to combine quality health services with innovative public health strategies. Together, these services and strategies can lead to evidence-based policies that have a lasting impact and create healthy and safe futures for our communities.

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May/Jun 2018

Learning and Acting to Save Lives

Learn about how Million Hearts® needs YOU to help us in saving millions of lives—even your own—through action that matters. Together we can join forces to combine our knowledge, efforts, and dedication to improve cardiovascular care across the country.

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Jul/Aug 2018

Adding Up Small Healthy Steps!

Start your journey to better health by taking the first step and adapting one or more of these Million Hearts® suggestions for living a healthy life. That first step may seem small, but building good habits will lead to a long and healthy life. Commit to change today and use our tools, stories, and articles to help guide you along the way!

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Sep/Oct 2018

Prescribing Cardiac Rehabilitation

Engage with the newest Million Hearts® resources, the Cardiac Rehabilitation (CR) Change Package and the CR Communications Toolkit. CR teams across the country play a vital role in helping patients learn how to live long lives by developing lasting healthy habits. Help us meet our 2022 goal by becoming a CR champion in your community today!

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Nov/Dec 2018

Clearing Up Confusion About Cholesterol

Play a pivotal role in clearing up confusion around cholesterol management by familiarizing yourself with cholesterol management guidelines. Following these suggestions will help you handle cholesterol and lead the way to a heart-healthy life. To plan for a better year ahead, take a look at our Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, which will help you take that important first step!

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Page last reviewed: September 29, 2021