Hypertension Control Champions Toolkit

Spread the word! With the support of health professionals like you, Million Hearts® can raise awareness about the Hypertension Control Challenge and congratulate Champions.

Social Media Messages

Use the following sample social media messages to promote the current and previous Hypertension Control Champions through your personal or professional channels.


  • Congratulations to the Million Hearts [tag] 2019 #HTNControlChamps! These health care practices and community health centers helped at least 80% of their patients achieve blood pressure control. See the full list. http://bit.ly/2ytdZW3external icon
  • 2019 brought Million Hearts [tag] 17 Hypertension Control Champions! See which health care practices and community health centers helped their patients take control of their high blood pressure. http://bit.ly/2ytdZW3external icon #HTNControlChamps
  • These solo practitioners, health care practices, and community health centers have been recognized as Million Hearts [tag] Hypertension Control Champions for their outstanding achievements! Read their success stories for valuable lessons in helping patients achieve blood pressure control and reducing the risk for cardiovascular disease. https://bit.ly/2RFpdS4external icon #HTNControlChamps


Shareable Graphic

Download and share this graphic on your social media pages.

2020 Million Hearts Hypertension Control Challenge. enter the Challenge at millionhearts.hhs.gov
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