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Million Hearts® Action Guide SeriesMillion Hearts Action Guide Series

The Million Hearts® Action Guide Series provides clinicians, employers, and public health practitioners with evidence-based strategies for improving cardiovascular health. Each guide offers action steps and features proven tactics to help more Americans live heart-healthy, stroke-free lives.

The ongoing series includes a special focus on blood pressure control, a key public health strategy for preventing heart attacks and strokes. One in 3 U.S. adults has high blood pressure (also called hypertension), but only about half of those individuals have the condition under control. Better blood pressure control can save millions of lives and health care dollars.

Additional Million Hearts® Action Guides are in development, so check this page regularly for updates and new materials. You can find more Million Hearts® resources on the Tools page.

Hypertension Control: Change Package for Clinicians [PDF-800K]

This change package is a quality improvement tool for ambulatory clinical settings to improve hypertension control. It is intended to provide health care practices with an evidence-based listing of process improvements to more efficiently and effectively care for patients with hypertension. This guide includes change concepts, change ideas, and evidence- or practice-based tools and resources.

Self-Measured Blood Pressure Monitoring: Action Steps for Clinicians [PDF-1M]

Self-measured blood pressure monitoring plus additional clinical support is one strategy that can reduce the risk of disability or death due to high blood pressure. The purpose of this guide is to help clinicians implement self-measured blood pressure monitoring in their practices by providing evidence-based action steps and resources.

Hypertension Control: Action Steps for Clinicians [PDF-313K]

This guide delivers proven strategies to help busy clinicians work with their patients to control hypertension. Strategies include creative ways for clinicians to deliver care to hypertensive patients, improve medication adherence, and optimize patient reminders and supports. The guide contains resources and references to help clinicians find even more information for each action step.


Cardiovascular Health: Action Steps for Employers [PDF-204K]

Employers can help their employees improve their cardiovascular health by creating worksites that support blood pressure control, cholesterol management, tobacco control, good nutrition, and physical activity. This guide offers a selection of concrete action steps that employers can take to help individuals improve cardiovascular health.

Self-Measured Blood Pressure Monitoring: Action Steps for Public Health Practitioners [PDF-1M]

Strong evidence suggests that self-measured blood pressure monitoring—when combined with regular support from trained health care professionals—is effective in lowering blood pressure among hypertensive patients. This guide outlines action steps that public health practitioners can take to help patients monitor their own blood pressure.

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