Self-Measured Blood Pressure (SMBP) Monitoring

Strong scientific evidence shows that self-measured blood pressure (SMBP) monitoring, also known as home blood pressure monitoring, plus clinical support helps people with hypertension lower their blood pressure.

SMBP monitoring is the regular measurement of blood pressure by the patient outside the clinical setting, either at home or elsewhere. SMBP requires the use of a home blood pressure measurement device by the patient to measure blood pressure at different points in time.

SMBP plus clinical support can improve access to care and quality of care for people with hypertension while making blood pressure control more convenient and accessible across the population. Clinical support includes regular one-on-one counseling, web-based or telephonic support tools, and educational classes.



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Featured Resources

Self-Measured Blood Pressure Monitoring Implementation Toolkit

This toolkit, developed by the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) for Million Hearts®, can help organizations successfully integrate SMBP monitoring into care processes and workflows.

VDL website

This site provides a list of clinically validated blood pressure devices, based on the American Medical Association’s (AMA) established criteria to independently validate clinical accuracy.

NACHC video

This video from NACHC, showcases several community health centers’ work to implement SMBP monitoring programs in their clinics.

Economic Case for Self-Measured Blood Pressure Monitoring

This one-page overview outlines the viability, costs, and returns for implementing an SMBP monitoring program based on Medicare reimbursement.

Resources for Health Care Professionals
Engaging Patients in Self-Measurement

Tools to Establish a Self-Measured BP (SMBP) Monitoring Program pdf icon[PDF – 2 MB]
This list of resources from the Million Hearts® Hypertension Control Change Package can help assign care team roles for an SMBP monitoring program and guide patients on selecting a home blood pressure monitor. Read the full Million Hearts® Hypertension Control Change Package.

SMBP CPT® Coding pdf icon[PDF – 1 MB]external icon
This 2020 AMA handout for Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) provides codes and descriptions for SMBP-related services.

Target: BP: Implement SMBPexternal icon
This AMA–AHA joint initiative can help health care professionals launch an SMBP monitoring program.

Self-Measured Blood Pressure Monitoring Program: Engaging Patients in Self-Measurement pdf icon[PDF – 1.5 MB]external icon
This program from the AMA and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine is designed to help physician offices and health centers engage patients in SMBP monitoring.

Accuracy of Blood Pressure Measurement Devices in Pregnancy: Table 2. Validation Studies of Home Devicesexternal icon
This table from a 2018 Circulation journal article includes data from validation studies of home devices in pregnancy.

Target: BP: CME Course: Using SMBP to Diagnose and Manage High Blood Pressureexternal icon
This 1-hour continuing medical education (CME) course focuses on the appropriate use of SMBP monitoring in clinical practice and trains physicians, care teams, and other participants who are registered for Target: BP.

Self-Measured Blood Pressure Monitoring: Action Steps for Clinicians pdf icon[PDF – 947 KB]
These evidence-based action steps and resources, assembled by Million Hearts®, can help practices implement SMBP monitoring.

Resources for Public Health Professionals
SMBP Action Steps for Clinicians

Self-Measured Blood Pressure Monitoring: Action Steps for Public Health Practitioners pdf icon[PDF – 1 MB]
This document provides action steps for public health practitioners to facilitate the implementation of SMBP monitoring plus additional support in five key areas: Understanding the environment; Working with payers and purchasers; Working with health care providers; Spreading the word to the public; and Monitoring/assessment of SMBP, plus additional support implementation.

Topline Findings: A National Analysis of Self-Measured Blood Pressure Monitoring Coverage and Reimbursement pdf icon[PDF – 1.7 MB]external icon
This report can help policymakers learn more about which payers have programs that cover and reimburse for SMBP monitoring.

CDC’s 6|18 Initiative: Accelerating Evidence into Action
The CDC 6|18 Initiative supports providing access for SMBP monitoring for home use and creating individual, provider, and health system incentives for compliance and meeting goals.

Resources for Patients
The correct way to measure blood pressure.

Release the Pressure Self-Measured Blood Pressure (SMBP) Training Video
This patient-friendly video from the Release the Pressure Coalition highlights the key steps people can take for accurate SMBP monitoring.

How to Use Your Home Blood Pressure Monitor
This patient-friendly video from NACHC outlines clear instructions for using home blood pressure monitors.

Taking Control of My Blood Pressure: D’Angelo’s Story
This video from NACHC features D’Angelo, a patient who explains how he has taken control of his blood pressure with the help of SMBP monitoring.

Taking Control of My Blood Pressure: Natalia’s Story
This video from the NACHC features Natalia, a patient who explains how she has taken control of her blood pressure with SMBP monitoring.

How to Measure Your Blood Pressure at Home pdf icon[PDF – 255 KB]external icon
This graphic from Target: BP demonstrates how to prepare for a blood pressure reading, the correct position to take your own blood pressure, and how to measure it.

The Correct Way to Measure Blood Pressure image icon
This easy-to-read graphic from CDC shows patients the correct way to measure blood pressure and can be shared on your social channels and patient websites.

SMBP Evidence and Recommendations
Close up of professional nurse checking blood pressure for woman

Self-Measured Blood Pressure Monitoring at Home: A Joint Policy Statement From the American Heart Association and American Medical Associationexternal icon
This 2020 joint policy statement from the American Heart Association (AHA) and the AMA addresses barriers to implementing SMBP monitoring.

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Self-Measured Blood Pressure Monitoring: Comparative Effectiveness pdf icon[PDF – 1.2 MB]external icon
This 2012 AHRQ review examined the comparative effectiveness of SMBP alone, of SMBP plus additional clinical support, and of usual care.

The Community Preventive Services Task Force (CPSTF) Recommendations on Self-Measured Blood Pressure Monitoring Interventions
This 2015 CPSTF systematic review evaluates the effectiveness of using SMBP with additional clinical support to manage high blood pressure and SMBP alone.

U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) Final Recommendation Statement: Hypertension in Adults: Screeningexternal icon
This 2021 recommendation from the USPSTF includes additional guidance for obtaining blood pressure measurements away from the clinical setting.

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