November 15 is the Great American Smokeout

Smoking is one of the leading causes of heart disease and stroke. At least 70% of cigarette smokers see a clinician annually, [PDF-381K] and most want to quit.

The American Cancer Society’s Great American Smokeout—which takes place on November 15, 2018—is the perfect time to encourage people in your practice or community to quit tobacco. Throughout November and beyond, Million Hearts® will share tobacco cessation resources on the Million Hearts® social media channels to empower people to quit. We invite you to promote them on your social media channels as well.

Tobacco Cessation Resources

Find shareable resources for patients and professionals from Million Hearts®, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Office on Smoking and Health, and our partners.

Spread the Word

Follow CDC Million Hearts® on Facebook and Twitter. Share these sample social media messages on your channels to encourage people to quit smoking and using tobacco.

Sample Messages


  • November 15 is the #GreatAmericanSmokeout, a perfect time to encourage people in your practice to quit tobacco. Learn to identify and treat tobacco users with these 5 steps from Million Hearts [tag].
  • At least 70% of cigarette smokers see a clinician annually, and most of them want to quit. You can help patients quit tobacco with these evidence-based action guides and protocols from Million Hearts [tag]. #GreatAmericanSmokeout
  • More than 3 in 4 tobacco users do not receive evidence-based counseling or medicine at health care visits. Learn how to identify and treat patients who use tobacco with cessation resources from Million Hearts [tag]. #GreatAmericanSmokeout
  • Quitting smoking is hard. Clinician-led care is proven to help smokers quit—for good. Million Hearts [tag] has tobacco cessation resources to help you get started. #GreatAmericanSmokeout


  • Smoking increases risk for heart disease and stroke. Help your patients quit #tobacco for good. #GreatAmericanSmokeout @MillionHeartsUS
  • Only 25% of #tobacco users leave a health visit with evidence-based care. Help patients quit. #GreatAmericanSmokeout @MillionHeartsUS
  • Evidence-based tools and protocols can help #tobacco users quit for good. See how @MillionHeartsUS resources can help. #GreatAmericanSmokeout
  • November 15 is the #GreatAmericanSmokeout, a time to encourage people to quit smoking. Help #tobacco users quit with these steps. @MillionHeartsUS


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