Personal Stories

José’s Million Hearts® Story

La historia de José y Million Hearts®

Andrea’s Million Hearts® Story

John’s Story: Heart Attack to Heart Health

Aaron’s Million Hearts® Story

Gail’s Million Hearts® Story

Blood Pressure Control

Help Patients Take Blood Pressure Medicine

Take Blood Pressure Medicines As Directed

High Blood Pressure Basics

Treating High Blood Pressure

Pharmacists: How You Can Team Up With Patients

Vital Signs: Getting Blood Pressure Under Control

2012 Hypertension Control Champion: Ellsworth Medical Clinic

2012 Hypertension Control Champion: Kaiser Permanente Colorado–Denver

Risks for Heart Disease & Stroke

Know Your Risk Factors

How Old Is Your Heart? Learn Your Heart Age!

About Million Hearts®

Preventing Heart Attacks and Strokes

Be One in a Million Hearts®: Share Your Story

Million Hearts®: Scaling and Spreading Innovation

Keep One Million Hearts Beating Strong

One on One with Janet Wright: Heart Health

Million Hearts® Initiative Launch


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