Million Hearts® 2022

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Million Hearts® 2022

Million Hearts® 2022 is a national initiative to prevent 1 million heart attacks and strokes within 5 years. It focuses on implementing a small set of evidence-based priorities and targets that can improve cardiovascular health for all.

Featured Resources

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Do This!

Read the June 2020 addendum to the Million Hearts®: Meaningful Progress 2012–2016 final report.

Learn more about the cardiovascular events that were prevented during the first 5-year period of the Million Hearts® initiative.

Million Hearts® Strategies in Action

A patient getting his blood pressure checked as Esperanza Health Center.
FQHC Relies on Empowered Care Teams for Underserved Populations

Learn how this federally funded health center addressed cultural and social barriers to help patients better manage their hypertension.

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HCA nurse professionals.
Using Home Blood Pressure Monitoring for Hypertension Control Success

Learn how this cardiology practice used at-home blood pressure monitoring and team-based care to achieve hypertension control.

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