Spotlight: NMC Health

NMC Health building entrance.

“We help patients say ‘Yes!’ to better living by giving them the tools to regain strength, endurance, confidence, and a fuller understanding of how to manage their heart condition.”

—Jonny Thiel, RN, Cardiac Rehabilitation Coordinator, NMC Health

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is excited to recognize NMC Health as a Million Hearts® Health System.

Located in Newton, Kansas, NMC Health includes a 99-bed hospital and ten primary care and specialty clinics, including emergency medicine, surgical services, neurology, rehabilitation, and home health care.

NMC Health is being recognized as a Million Hearts® Health System for its work to improve employee and community wellness/physical fitness; for its referral, expansion, and patient education efforts to address equitable access to its cardiac rehabilitation program; and for its financial assistance program.

Strategies for Success

Employee and Community Wellness

NMC Health is committed to creating a healthy environment for both employees and the community. Its efforts include tobacco- and vape-free facilities and food service that features reduced sugar foods and healthy options in campus cafes and vending machines. These approaches are based on the Healthy Kansas Hospitals initiative, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

The NMC Health campus supports physical and mental well-being. Through its Employee Wellness Program, NMC Health offers quarterly wellness challenges, subsidized gym memberships, and access to a YMCA on campus. The NMC Health FitTrail is an outdoor walking path with exercise stations open to patients, visitors, and staff. NMC Health’s Healthy Lifestyles Campus also offers public access to relaxing natural outdoor spaces—including a wildflower garden and a fishing pond—and a LIFEpath with guided prayer and meditation for spiritual health.

Expansion of Cardiac Rehabilitation

Newton Medical Center cardiac rehab team in the gym.

“Our cardiac rehab team focuses on providing patients with knowledge and tools to build better habits for a lifetime of continued improved health.”

—Jonny Thiel, RN, Cardiac Rehabilitation Coordinator, NMC Health

NMC Health is dedicated to expanding referral of eligible patients to its cardiac rehabilitation program, and already has close to a 100% referral rate for percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) patients. To achieve similar success in other populations, NMC Health has created a new Cardiac Rehabilitation, Case Management, and Marketing workgroup. The organization offers education on program benefits and patient financial assistance, an online fillable referral form, and an improved internal workflow. NMC Health is also upgrading its electronic medical records system across facilities to further improve cardiac rehabilitation referral.

Equitable Access to Care

NMC Health strives to make excellent care accessible for all by providing financial aid. Individuals earning up to 275% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines can qualify for free or discounted services from NMC Health-associated specialists.

In 2022, NMC Health provided $2.3 million in aid to more than 1,800 patients. For 2024, the goal is nearly doubled to $4.1 million to expand care to hundreds more.


NMC Health continues to grow its support of both employees and the broader community. The commitment to individuals’ physical, mental, and financial wellness, and to equitable access to cardiac care, is evident in its programs and facilities. We are pleased to honor NMC Health through the Million Hearts® Hospitals & Health Systems Recognition Program for working systematically to improve the cardiovascular health of those it serves.

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