Million Hearts® Partners

Illustration of hands held up with hearts in the middle of each one.

Join monthly Million Hearts® partner calls to learn about actions that partners are taking to prevent heart attacks and strokes. Discuss obstacles, best practices, and tools and resources. Email to be added to the calls.

The only way we—as a nation—will meet the Million Hearts® goal of preventing 1 million heart attacks and strokes is through the collective and focused action of a diverse range of partners.

Together, health care and public health professionals can collaborate with Million Hearts® to make this goal a reality.

Become a Million Hearts® partner by

  • Aligning your actions with the Million Hearts® priorities.
  • Spreading the word about key Million Hearts® strategies.
  • Implementing Million Hearts® evidence-based strategies.
  • Enlisting others in the work of the initiative.

Take Action

Page last reviewed: April 12, 2022