Potential Future Burden of Cardiovascular Events Targeted for Prevention by Million Hearts®

This map shows states’ Million Hearts®-preventable cardiovascular event rates (per 100,000 people) and counts (in thousands) that are projected to occur among adults aged 18 years or older during 2017–2021 if no preventive action is taken. States in the southeastern United States and extending north to Michigan have the highest event rates. Clicking on each state will reveal information about the state’s expected events for all adults, as well as for adults aged 35 to 64 years—a Million Hearts® priority population. Click on the “>>” box in the upper left hand corner of the map to reveal its legend. States on the map with cross hatching marks have estimated values because of incomplete data.

Source: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project State Emergency Department Databases and State Inpatient Databases; National Center for Health Statistics’ National Vital Statistics System Mortality Data.

Abbreviations: ED = emergency department

Snapshots of Progress

Million Hearts® 2022 Snapshots of Progress [PDF – 976 KB]
Download this PDF of PowerPoint slides that give an overview of the Million Hearts® 2022 risk factor measures, including historical estimates and targets.

Page last reviewed: February 25, 2021