“Live to the Beat” Campaign Toolkit

Million Hearts® collaborated with the CDC Foundation to develop the “Live to the Beat” campaign, which aims to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) among Black adults ages 35 to 54.

The campaign encourages people to take small steps to address key risk factors like hypertensionhigh cholesterol, and high blood sugar.

This online toolkit includes user-friendly materials and resources you can use to educate and equip your audiences to practice heart-healthy habits that can help lower their risk for heart disease and stroke.

Please join us in sharing these lifesaving messages. From videos and social media graphics to interactive resources and printable materials, you can find the resources that work best for you and your audiences.

Video PSAs

These Live to the Beat: “Right Ways” and “On Rhythm” public service announcements (PSAs) feature motivating messages to encourage people to find a way that works for them to take heart-healthy steps—to their own beat. These videos can be viewed by clicking on the links below, or they can be downloaded from Dropbox.

Right Ways videos screenshot image.

How to Use These: Place these as TV PSAs or ads (locally, regionally or nationally); Use as videos embedded on your website, posted on your social media channels or shared via your communication channels; Feature the videos in presentations or at community events.

Educational Videos

KevonStage video screenshot image.

“Live to the Beat” with KevOnStage

This 7-episode video series features Kevin Fredericks, AKA “KevOnStage” as he interviews a number of experts including doctors, wellness professionals and everyday people. The videos cover topics like getting active, eating healthy, working with a doctor, managing stress, and understanding risk factors.

How to Use These: Use as videos embedded on your website, posted on your social media channels or shared via your communication channels; Feature the videos in presentations or at community events; Host a viewing party to review/discuss the episodes.

Animated Educational Videos

Educational videos screenshot image.

These videos help to explain how certain risk factors and prevention strategies can affect your cardiovascular health.

How to Use These: Use as videos embedded on your website, posted on your social media channels or shared via your communication channels; Feature the videos in presentations or at community events.

Pulse Check video screenshot image.

Pulse Check

Share the Pulse Check, a digital interactive roadmap on LivetotheBeat.org/PulseCheck, to help your audiences learn all about small, heart-healthy steps and customize their own journey with tips, content, and quizzes. They can add to the fun by earning points and badges as they boost their knowledge along the way.

Stories from the Heart

Stories from the Heart video screenshot image.

These inspiring stories feature everyday people who have found ways to take heart-healthy small steps, in some cases after experiencing a cardiovascular event themselves. You share them directly from social media (see links below) or you can read them in the dedicated section on the Live to the Beat Media page. If you, or someone you know, experienced a cardiovascular event, such as a stroke or heart attack or have made a lifestyle change to improve your heart health, we’d love to hear about it. To learn more about Stories from the Heart features, or share your heart health story, visit bit.ly/lttbstoriesfromtheheart today!

How to Use These: Share stories on your social media channels.

Print Materials

Live to the Beat!

These print materials are available in various formats and sizes. They include a general message about how people can “Live to the Beat” and find their own rhythm to better heart health.

How to Use These:. Display posters, flyers or table tents in your building; Distribute flyers or postcards at your event; Use the materials as an ad for a print publication.

  • Flyer and poster creative in two sizes: 8.5″×11″ and 11″×17″.
  • Campaign postcards with two themes, highlighting specific steps to lower risk for heart disease all are sized at 4”x6”.
  • Pulse Check postcards are available, also sized at 4”x6”.
  • Table tents, which are 3D versions of the flyer and postcard art, are sized at 5”x7”.
  • Download the files from Dropbox

Social Media Graphics

Get moving, start simple, help your heart. Live to the beat!

The campaign features a variety of graphics to promote key heart-healthy messages on social media and in digital communications.

How to Use These: Share graphics on your social media channels; Include graphics in your digital communication channels (e.g., e-newsletter, website, intranet).

Join the Community Ambassador Network

We invite you to join and spread the word about an exclusive network of trusted leaders, organizations, and businesses in the Black community to help us empower more adults to live their healthiest lives. As a “Live to the Beat” Community Ambassador, you can help those in your community lower their risk for heart disease and stroke. As an Ambassador, you would:

  • Share heart-healthy messages and resources with your community.
  • Promote sweepstakes where your audiences can win cool prizes for taking healthy steps.
  • Gain national recognition and a chance to earn prizes of your own.

Visit bit.ly/communityambassadorsnetwork to express interest and check out the Live to the Beat catalog of resources [PDF – 1 MB].

Other Ways to Share Content

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Thank You

Creating change is possible only through collective action. We are grateful and proud to have your support and heart on the mission to reduce the risk of CVD among Black adults. Thank you for all you do!